ADA Compliance: Text & Links

Links can be used across web pages to direct users to other pages within the current website, pages across the internet, Google Docs, etc. All links that are created must adhere to ADA compliant best practices. Here are ways to ensure all links comply:

Words chosen to be linked text should indicate in some way where the link is going. When reviewing, read the link text alone. Does the phrase or set of words help understand where the user will be directed?

Common mistakes include using phrases like "click here" or "link". It is common to have many links on a single page. Text readers or other assistive devices will read "click here" or "link" many times, resulting in a redundant list. These links are not ADA Compliant.

Link Text Examples

Example link text notated by bold and italic font.

Poor Example

Click here to visit Mission Crest Elementary home page.

ADA Compliant Example

Visit the Mission Crest Elementary School home page.

Revised November 2018